Palace of Fine Arts Theatre

Leela James, Daley-The Undeniable Tour 2017
Tastemaker Live
May 6, 2017
Tickets: $37.50 - $55

LEELA JAMESLeela James sings because the music is in her blood. It always has been. Rhythm accompanied her as a child in...
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Lea Michele
May 10, 2017
Tickets: $52.75 - $82.75

The GLEE star comes to the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre for an intimate evening.
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Bernadette Peters
May 13, 2017
Tickets: $95 - $140

The Broadway star comes to the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre.
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The 2017 Mr. Marina Competition
May 17, 2017
Tickets: $25 - $150

On Wednesday, May 17th the whos's-who of San Francisco's most northern region will venture to The Palace of Fine Arts to witness...
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City Ballet Spring Showcase
City Ballet
Multiple Shows: May 19, 2017 - May 20, 2017
Tickets: $40 - $40

City Ballet - San Francisco performs it's annual year end Showcase, featuring Divertissement from the ballet classic, Raymonda as well as choreography...
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Robin Trower with Strange Vine
Live Nation
May 26, 2017
Tickets: $35 - $60

The Robin Trower story started in the mid Sixties when he began his recording career in the Southend rhythm and blues band...
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Yevgeny GRISHKOVETS: 'How I Ate a Dog'
May 28, 2017
Tickets: $40 - $70

"How I ate a dog" (16+) was the first play performed by the author himself. The performance was created in 1998 and...
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Damien Escobar - The Heart & Soul Tour
T Presents
Jun 13, 2017
Tickets: $45 - $125

Easy come, easy go; was the lesson two-time Emmy Award winning violinist, Damien Escobar learned when he and his brother walked away...
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Lore Podcast - Live
New Media Touring
Jun 14, 2017
Tickets: $35 - $35

Lore is an award-winning, critically-acclaimed podcast that exposes the darker side of history, exploring the people, places, and things we fear the...
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David Feherty - Off Tour
Jones Entertainment Group
Nov 16, 2017
Tickets: $169 - $59

How do you describe the offbeat antics of David Feherty? The New York Times called him “a cross between Oprah Winfrey and...
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