Saturday Apr 2, 2022
7:00pm ( doors: 6:00pm )


Tickets: $75 - $145

World-famous Ukrainian artists have announced a grand tour in the USA with a new show program.

For the first time, two founders of modern Ukrainian culture, Tina Karol, and the KAZKA band will perform on the same stage to present their fans with a completely unique and fascinating show.

Tina Karol's solo program is full of invigorating and authentic motives. Her show program is an exclusive symbiosis of electronic music and strong vocals from the new albums "Beautiful" and "Double Paradise'', as well as beloved hits untouched by time. Melodic and sensual, charismatic and playfully graceful, Tina will surprise everyone with her new show. We assure that the expression of her love and powerful voice will undoubtedly touch your heart!

KAZKA will present to the public their new long-play named SVIT. The group rethinks modern Ukrainian pop music, adding authenticity and ethnic themes in a form of non-fictional love stories. Each song is a unique mix of heart touching vocals and traditional motives with a driving beat.

An incredible tandem of two Ukrainian talented hit-makers on the same stage will give the audience an unforgettable experience and transport them into the world of true art with a Ukrainian twist.