S.F. International Hip Hop DanceFest

S.F. International Hip Hop DanceFest

This event has ended

Friday Nov 16, 2018
8:00pm ( doors: 7:30pm )

Saturday Nov 17, 2018
8:00pm ( doors: 7:30pm )

Sunday Nov 18, 2018
12:00pm ( doors: 11:30am )

Sunday Nov 18, 2018
5:00pm ( doors: 4:30pm )

Sunday Nov 18, 2018
7:30pm ( doors: 7:00pm )

Tickets: $25 - $55

Tonight and tomorrow's events will proceed as scheduled.

For one spectacular weekend, Micaya presents the SF International Hip Hop DanceFest, an event of groundbreaking hip hop performances by professional dance companies from around the globe. 2018 marks the festival’s 20th year of presenting inspiring, electrifying and thought provoking works. Award-winning and critically-acclaimed, SFIHHDF is a Bay Area legend that is not to be missed! All ages are welcome!


What is the program schedule?

8:00 pm- Friday 11/16/18: Program A
8:00 pm- Saturday 11/17/18: Program B
12:00 pm- Sunday 11/18/18: Program A - (Kids freestyle circle onstage after the show)
5:00 pm- Sunday 11/18/18: Program B
7:30 pm- Sunday 11/18/18: 20th Anniversary Bash

Performance Lineup

Program A

The Tribe (Bay Area) "The Tribe"

Bliss Dance Company (Vacaville Ca.)”16 Shots”

The Rookies (Paris, France) "FreeWay Part 2"

Amenti Movemeant (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) “Akasha x Amenti”

Duwane Taylor (London) “It’s Time to Speak”

Loyalty Dance (Murfreesboro, TN) “This is Wakanda!!!”

Versa -Style Dance Company (Los Angeles, Ca) “Box of Hope”

Yeah Yellow (Paris, France) “Yeah Yellow Sunshine part 1”

See Through Soul (Oakland,Ca) “Journey Into…”

Paradox Sal (Paris,France) “Queen Blood part 1”

Program B

Str8jacket (San Mateo, Ca)“Hackers”

Paradox Sal (Paris,France) “Queen Blood part 2”

Yeah Yellow (Paris, France) “Yeah Yellow Sunshine part 2”

Versa -Style Dance Company (Los Angeles, Ca) "Alone"

The Rookies (Paris, France) "FreeWay Part 1"

Loyalty Dance (Murfreesboro, TN) “The Return of Loyalty Dance Team”

Amenti Movemeant (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) “Anima”

Kai Rapelyea (Philadelphia,Pa) “The Heart of One”

re.DEFINE Dance Collective (Hayward ,Ca) “Blenders”