Mikhail Shufutinsky

Mikhail Shufutinsky

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Friday Mar 1, 2019
8:00pm ( doors: 7:30pm )

Tickets: $55 - $165

By popular demand of the audience, Mikhail Shufutinsky continues his grand tour of the United States and Canada. The most heartfelt compositions of different years, the warm and romantic atmosphere of the holiday, as well as the incredible charisma and inexhaustible energy of the famous chansonnier awaits every spectator on this spring Friday evening!

Each concert of Mikhail Shufutinsky is always a stunning celebration, filled with the desire to live, to love and to dance without fail, not only with your body, but also with your soul! Orchestra, ballet, the Artist himself and the atmosphere of the concert will take us on a journey through the amazing world of the legendary talented person and for a few hours, forgetting about everyday life, plunge into a wonderful holiday filled with the most vivid emotions for a long time!

This evening, your favorite hits will be heard from the stage, from "The Third September" to "The Jewish Tailor", from "Nakolochka" to "Mardzhandzhi", from "Solo" to "Burning Candles Weeping" and many radio stations, the Internet is literally filled with them, they are sung in restaurants and karaoke, they are heard from the windows of houses and cars all over the country. All hits, from chanson to pop romances, are distinguished by a special insightful soulfulness and closeness to each listener, which is the secret of such a large-scale and many-year success of Mikhail Shufutinsky!