Thursday Sep 8, 2022
8:00pm ( doors: 7:00pm )


Tickets: $35 - $55

Please note: Originally scheduled for September 3, 2020. Previously purchased tickets will be honored for the new date

Clannad (derived from the word clan meaning ëfamilyí in Gaelic) was formed in 1970 by siblings Moya, Ciar·n and PÛl Brennan and their uncles Noel and P·draig Duggan (who sadly passed away in 2016), and for a short time later became a six-piece with the addition of Enya Brennan who then went on to have her own successful solo career. The multi-award-winning band have, without doubt, done more than any other group to take Irish music and the Irish language to a worldwide audience. Fusing elements of traditional Irish music and more contemporary folk, new age and rock they have created a beautifully unique and ethereal sound which combines haunting melodies and mesmerising vocals to transcend the sands of time whilst appealing to a worldwide audience of all ages.

After a decade which saw them release five hugely influential and ground-breaking albums, in 1982 Clannad reached wider recognition when they recorded Theme From Harryís Game for a powerful three-part TV drama depicting the troubles in Northern Ireland. The song became a commercial success upon its release as a single, peaking at number 2 in Ireland and number 5 in the UK, winning an Ivor Novello award and later being used in the movie Patriot Games. It remains the only UK hit single to be sung entirely in Irish.

In addition to the incredible achievements of this one, timeless song, in 1984 Clannad won a BAFTA for ëBest Original Television Musicí for their soundtrack ëLegendí (becoming the first Irish band to win it), which featured music and songs the band were commissioned to score for the Robin Of Sherwood TV series. In the two decades since the band has won a Grammy Award (ëBest New Age Albumí for 1999ís Landmarks), Billboard Music Award, and a BBC 2 Folk Award (for Lifetime Achievement).

Clannad also recorded the soundtrack albums Atlantic Realm, made for a BBC documentary about the Atlantic Ocean, and The Angel and the Solider Boy, a half hour animation without voiceovers, with the music telling the story. In 1993 their song ëI Will Find Youí (from the album ëBanbaí) was featured as the love theme to the movie Last Of The Mohicans (which saw the band receive their first Grammy nomination). These achievements make them one of the most successful and acclaimed soundtrack artists.

Clannad has collaborated with a diverse range of artists, including Bruce Hornsby, Steve Perry, JD Souther, Paul Young, and Duke Special but their most successful collaboration by far was with enthusiastic supporter and fan, Bono of U2. A fan of the band who declared singer Moya as ìone of the greatest voices the human ear as ever experienced,î Bono duetted with the singer on Clannadís 1985 hit single ñ and the song which gives this collection its title ñ In A Lifetime.

Quote from Clannad regarding In A Lifetime and their 2020 world tour:

ìWe had discussed prior to our world tour in 2013-2015, whether it would be our farewell tour...but since P·draig passed we made the decision that our next tour would definitely be our last and we plan to make it a very special and memorable final journeyÖand to accompany this journey we are very pleased to be releasing the íIn a Lifetimeí anthology which we hope will leave our fans with a lasting musical legacy.î